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Surly Lurking Teen

Paul, eldest child, has just turned thirteen.  How the hell, exactly, it is possible than I have a teen-aged child? I begin to suspect that most supposed adults feel like I do, wide-eyed with terror at the realization that grown-ups are not necessarily–but ARE increasingly in charge of things.  Holy crap.

He’s recently gotten taller than me, too, which I was expecting but not so soon.  He reminds me of someone, this skinny geek-child…ah, yes, his father, whom I met when not much only than Paul is now.  Another source of wonder and fear.

Paul’s the anxious newly-minted teen dragon, shedding his skin but because he’s growing out of it or its sloughing off because he didn’t bathe, I can’t tell.  Those wings are not just decorative any more, although he can’t go too far yet either–but he sure thinks he can, what with his bus pass and (begged, pleaded, cajoled, and finally given) cell phone.  His deepening voice makes conveying his scorn for parental overzealousness that much easier.

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