Boo, Borders!

BE WARNED:  Borders will not exchange a book without the receipt.  One unread, covered with Borders stickers.  That I bought yesterday.

Okay, so ‘return for money’ I understand.  You don’t want shoplifters light-fingering a book, coming back, and converting it to cash.  But exchange?  That makes no sense.  First of all, if I already have one of their books illicitly, letting me exchange it for another book doesn’t really hurt their position.  They’re still out one book.

But–and here’s the crucial part–I bought the thing.  Yesterday.  With my credit card and Borders account.  Is Borders really, really saying that their computer system is so bad that they can’t swipe my card (either one!!!), pull up the transaction, and see that I did in fact buy the book I’m holding–yesterday?  Among $55 worth of other books?  Wal-mart can.  And has.

Off to get lost in the Amazon, and never cross the Borders again!

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