Pittsburgh PR dodges a bullet

So I’m listening to NPR this morning and there’s an interview with the director of “The Road,” which opens tomorrow.  It’s a movie about a post-apocalyptic world in which a father and son struggle to both survive and remain human in the face of the dreadful, dreadful things that are going on.

The reporter asks, “The landscape in the film is so bleak.  How did you ever find a place so desolate, so eternally gray, so unrelentingly despairing?”

The director pauses.

I’m waiting with a fair amount of bleakness myself.  Because the movie was filmed right here in Pittsburgh.  I can hear it, as if the director has already answered.  ‘Where on earth did you find a place that looked like a nuclear disaster had already happened?’  ‘Pittsburgh.’

The director, bless his soul, responds with more diplomacy than his imagined counterpart.  “Well…there was an abandoned interstate…in Pennsylvania.”

So the whole state, not just us, takes the post-apocalyptic rap.  Whew!

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