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Just this Morning


Mark (stuck in partially-donned shirt, arms flaying):  “Help!  I can’t find my head sleeve!”


Mark:  “I’ve lost my voice!”

Kate (knowing what I say when children yelp that they’ve lost something):  “Well, the last time _I_ used it, I put it back where it goes.”

Sam:  “Where did you leave it?”

Mark:  “In my mouth, of course.”

Sam:  “There’s your problem.  You swallowed it.”

Kate:  “Your stomach’s going to talk.”

Mark:  “It’s starting.  Blargh!  Blargh!”


Mark:  “I need to go pee!”

Me:  “Go.  By all means.”

Sam:  “Close the door to the bathroom!”

Mark:  “I like it open!”

Sam (whipping out the new trump card):  “I’m pretty sure Four-Year-Olds shut the bathroom door.”

Mark:  “Not this one.”

All before 8 AM.

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