How Sarcasm is Passed Down to the Next Generation

So we’re having dessert…

Mark already has his bowl of jello and cool whip.

I fix another bowl.

Mark:  “Is that Kate’s jello?”

Kate, however, is not done with dinner, so no jello for her yet.

Me:  “Actually, it’s mine.”  It’d been a long day and I was feeling grumpy about the surveillance so I added snarkily,  “Is that okay with you?”

Mark pauses to consider.  “Yes.”  He looks at Sam.  “Is it okay with you?”

Sam (baffled–he understood the original sarcasm but like the rest of us, has no clue whether Mark is one-upping it or being serious):  “Um…okay.”

Mark nods.  “Dad?  Is that okay with you?”

Brian (chortling over his pot roast):  “Yes.”

Me (not quite ready to give up):  “Fine!  I’m so glad.”

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