New Proverb

So Mark and I are at Costco.  Like always after we finish our shopping, we stop for lunch at their awesomely-underpriced snack bar.  Mark gets a ‘piece’ of pizza that’s actually a fourth of a large pie and a ‘purple milkshake’, which is really a berry smoothie.  I get a diet coke.  All for less than five bucks.  (This takes some of the sting out of the four hundred that just got sucked out of my checking account for the cartload sitting beside us.  But not much.)

Me (after a few minutes):  “Aren’t you going to eat your pizza?”

Mark (one fingertip prodding the cheesy top):  “It’s too hot.”  He slurps happily at the smoothie.

Me (after a few more minutes):  “How about now?”

Mark (giving the pizza a two-finger jab this time):  “Still too hot.”  He takes a deep breath and nods sagely.  “You know what they say.  Hot pizza, hot hands.”

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