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Mark Fishes for a Ride on an Airplane

So Brian left Sunday morning for a job interview.  About halfway to church Mark realizes that the furry guy in the front seat is his brother, not his father.

Mark:  “Da–no…Paul.”  He’s stumped for a moment.  “Where’s Dad?”

Me:  “He left this morning for a job interview.”

Mark (wailing with outrage):  “He’s gone AGAIN?!”  Another pause.  “What’s a job interview?”

Me:  “He’s talking to people, and they decide if they want to hire him.”

Mark (considering):  “So, if they hire him, we will get to go where he is?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Foolish, foolish Mom, thinking how sweet it is that the boy misses his father and wants to go with him.

Later that day…

Brian calls.

Mark (in the background as I’m trying to hear the low-down):  “Didtheyhirehim?  Didtheyhirehim?  Didtheyhirehim?  Didtheyhirehim?”

Me:  “Ssshh.  Not yet.”

Mark:  “Rats!  I wanted to ride on an airplane.”

Still Awaiting My TARDIS

There’s been way too many snow days around here…

Me:  “I can guarantee that time travel isn’t invented in my lifetime.”

Brian:  “How?”

Me:  “We still have four kids.”

Brian (inveterate agitator):  “Maybe it’s invented…by one of them.”

Me:  “Hence a potentially space-time continuum-ripping paradox if I used it?  I’d risk it.”

Christmas Dinner

So a couple days before Christmas, Brian brought Kate home from Girl Scouts.  The other kids had already eaten dinner so Kate had her supper alone with me and her dad.  Apparently, she misheard “pot roast” when I fixed her plate.  After she’d finished, she asked politely, “May I have more cockroach, please?”

Good parents would have clued her in to the misapprehension.  Unfortunately for her, she got us.  We shared a glance over her head.

“Certainly,” Brian said smoothly.  “You can certainly have more cockroach.”

“There should be plenty,” I said.  “I cooked a 3 pound cockroach.”

So if Kate comes to your house and coos over your delicious cockroach dinner…it’s not her fault, really.

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