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Kate’s Stunning Invention

So we’re in the car heading for church and talking about our possible upcoming move…

Me:  “Maybe we’ll only be able to afford a house with 3 bedrooms.  You’ll have to share.”

Kate:  “I pick Sam!  Paul can have Mark.”

Me:  “Mark can’t share with Paul.  We’ll never see him again in all the junk.”

Kate:  “We can get him junk shoes.”  She pauses to let the brilliance sink in.  “You know, like snow shoes.”

There’s a market here…households afflicted with teenagers…I can see the infomercial now.

Edgy Elementary Flirting

So Kate’s school took the High Honor Roll students out to lunch today.

At the next table, there were 3 little girls and 1 little boy.  One wicked little boy, who saw an opportunity for some serious show-off time.

WLB:  “I’m having baby back ribs.  Yum, yum!  Real baby back ribs!”

3LG:  “Ohhhh nooo!”  (consultation among themselves) “They’re not really!  Yes they are!  NO!  YES!”

WLB:  “Yes, sir!  Yum!”

Teacher:  “No, they’re NOT from real babies.”

Repentance FAIL

There’s been a ban on TV in the house this week, after I noticed that when I came down to breakfast…PBS was on.  And when they got home from school, they went straight to the TV.

Time for an intervention, I decide.

But withdrawal can be a real pain.  Mark and Sam succumb to their addiction while I’m driving Kate to karate, and turn on PBS even though they know they’re not supposed to.  They’re very jumpy when I got home, and soon the jig is up–I’ve figured out what happened.  Friday’s movie night is henceforth canceled.

I think Sam learned his lesson.  Mark?  Not a bit.

At preschool this morning:

Mark:  “I am buying lunch today.”

Teacher:  “What would you like?  Pizza or hotdog?”

Mark:  “Hotdog.  We have pizza on movie night.”  Sidelong glance at me.  “But not tonight.  No movie night tonight.  Cause I turned on PBS.  I watched The Electric Company.  It was a new season!  It was awesome!”

Not really the response I was going for…



Relative Drugstore

So we’re in the car on the way home from karate last night…

Kate (sounding it out):  “Rrr-eye–tt  Ayeeduh.  Rite-Aid.”

A pause while she considers.

“So, if it was on the other side of the road, would it be Left-Aid?”

Still not sure if that was an honest question or first grade humor…

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