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Mark Encourages Dissent

Non-preschool days can become philosophical very quickly.

Mark:  “Do cats lay eggs?”

Me:  “No.”

Mark:  “Then how do they have babies?”

Me:  “Mommy cats grow them in their tummies until it’s time for them to be born, just like people.”

Mark (eyes glazing as the gears turn):  “So, will our cats have babies?”

Me:  “No.”

I should know by now that sort  of answer isn’t going to get it done.

Mark:  “Why not?”

Me (not wanting to try to explain the ins and outs of spaying/neutering to a 4-year old):  “Our cats are not allowed to have babies.”

Mark goes over to Betsy, kneels beside her, and whispers into her ear:  “Don’t listen to her!  Have a baby!  I say it’s okay.”

Home Improvement Concerns over Breakfast

Mark (swiping his waffle through his syrup):  “I’m the Big Bad Wolf!  I’m gonna huff!  And puff!  And blow your house down!”

Kate:  “That won’t help us sell the house.”

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