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Dealing with Injury

So last evening Mark comes into the kitchen, buck-naked, both hands on his chin.

Mark:  “Am I bleeding?  Because I think I’m bleeding.”

Me:  “Let me see.”

Both hands obediently drop.  Yup, there’s a gash and a bruise.  I grab a cloth and press it against the wound.

Me:  “What did you do?”

Mark:  “I looked in the mirror to see if I was bleeding.”

Me:  “What?”

Mark:  “I climbed up on the toilet so I could look in the mirror and see if I was bleeding.”

Me:  “Okay…so how did you actually get hurt?”

Mark:  “I slipped getting out of the bathtub.”

So just to recap, the 5 year old decided his bath was over, slipped getting out of the tub and banged his chin–and instead of hollering for help, climbs up on the toilet in a little mirror-based self-triage.

People who have docile, shy children are obviously having a very different parenting experience than I am…

The Color Wee-L

Just overheard from the bathroom:

Mark:  “It’s blue!”

(To make our house look fancy while it’s on the market, I put those cleaning tablets in the tank.  Given my usual standard of housecleaning, none of the children have ever seen this before.)

*tinkle, tinkle

Mark:  “It’s yellow!”


Mark:  “It’s blue again!”

Adventures on the Way to Preschool

Pulling out of the garage:

Mark (as tentative as he ever is):  “Michelle…could you turn on my CD, please?”

Should I be happy that he at least included the ‘please’?


Me:  “Look, they’re building something there.”

Mark:  “What is it?”

Me:  “I think it’s a house.”

Mark (in the tone I use when contemplating calorie-free caramel):  “_I_ hope it’s a toy store filled with candy.”

Aim High

Mark:  “I have a new secret identity!”

Me:  “Oh?  Who’s that?”

Mark:  “Lightning Speed!”

Me (expecting the obvious answer):  “What are your powers?”

Mark (pondering):  “I have all the super powers of the good guys…AND all the powers of the bad guys.  AND,” he pauses, apparently pulling out the trump card, “the Flash is my cousin.”

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