Relative Vocabulary

So we’re at Kennywood.  There are a family of ducks in the pond, dodging paddle boats and wheedling treats from visitors.  Some are the itty-bittiest baby ducks you’ve ever seen.

Me:  “Look, Mark.  There’s some ducklings.”

Mark:  “Yes, I see the dabbling ducks.”

Me:  “Ducklings.  Those are ducklings.”

Mark:  “Look!  Over there!  More dabbling ducks.”

I have no clue why Mark decided to rename ducklings, but he stuck to his guns about it, each of us diplomatically correcting the other for the rest of the day.

Actually, I suspect I DO know why he feels like it’s his prerogative to change something’s designation at will.  He hasn’t taken over the world YET, but in his mind it’s only a matter of time, so might as well get started.


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