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Mark’s started kindergarten.  I have no idea why I thought this could work out well.

It’s the 5th week of school.  The first week of school I met the principal and a whole bunch of teachers personally when Mark decided to bolt at the beginning of the school day.  It wasn’t entirely his fault.  I’d carried his backpack for him and forgotten to give it to him.  But apparently they frown upon kindergarteners fleeing the building to go collect forgotten items.

Last week I was in the principal’s office about a playground incident.  Apparently Mark wanted to play with a couple kids who didn’t really want to play with him and a teacher took him aside to explain how to ask politely to be included in the game.  So far, so good.  But then he tried the polite approach and still got told by the others to buzz off.  Whereupon he jumped on one of their backs and started thumping.

So today I’m walking him to  school.  We pass another kid waiting with his parent to go inside.  I hear:  “There’s Mark.  And Mark’s mom.”  The kid’s tone becomes shocked, reverent, righteous.  “He’s the baddest  kid in class!”


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