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Paved Acres

So, we moved.

Here’s what I hoped for when Brian went on the job market:

1.  He’d find a job that did not require coming home and shouting for an hour to decompress (that’s MY territory, back off)

2.  Good public schools

3.  A more country-like area

4.  Low real estate costs

5.  A university with an aging medievalist


Where we ended up:

1.  A job he likes

2.  Good public schools

3.  One of the largest metropolitan areas in the country

4.  The second-most expensive real estate market in the country

5.  Four medievalists in the English dept alone

Well, meh.

Mark Ruins Another Classmate

So I drop Mark off at the kindergarten door and turn to leave.

There’s another kindergarten parent on the sidewalk in front of me, actually a couple, young, holding hands, clearly having dropped off a beloved only child.  How cute.  They’re both here.  It’s not even the first day of school.  We’re well into the schoolyear.  What good, involved, caring parents.  Unlike me, who’s just glad to have High Octane Boy be someone else’s problem for six hours a day.

Good Daddy (to Good Mommy):  “Do you know what Ben 10 is?  Junior was asking me…I don’t know.”

Good Mommy (shrugging):  “Never heard of it.”


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