I wouldn’t want to unfairly accuse my youngest of melodramatic tendencies, but here’s what happened Friday:

Mark’s teacher:  “Mark’s been so very good recently I want to move away from having him hold my hand when we walk to the cafeteria for pick-up at the of the school day.  Starting Monday he can go in line with the other children.”

[Have I mentioned WHY Mark has had a special place in line?  Well, in September, I found him outside.  This was odd, because the kids are supposed to wait in the cafeteria for their parents.  Turns out Mark JUST LEFT on his own, and the hapless child behind him in line blithely followed.  Hence Mark, nonchalantly waiting, with this other poor kid beside him, confused and crying.  His mommy was NOT HAPPY.]

Mark:  “WHAT?  I won’t have a special place anymore?”

Mark’s teacher:  “You can be with all the other kids.”

Mark:  “WHAT??  I won’t be special.  I want to be SPECIAL.”


Mark (wailing):  “But I want to be special!  I want my special spot!”

Me:  “Calm down.  You follow the class in line every other time you go somewhere.”

Mark (big, air-sucking sobs):  “My/life/of happiness/is over/My life/of sadness/has begun!”



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Russ Robbins on January 31, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Michelle, you are scaring me about the future with our kids !!!
    Hoping you are enjoying Maryland!


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