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Watch Out, Chuck Norris

This weekend’s epiphany:

I am raising a bad-ass.

Not a bad boy.  An iron-clad, Beowulf-caliber bad-ass.

Here’s what happened:

Mark (utter nonchalant, shows up from the basement where he’s been playing the Wii):  “Look!”

Me:  “What?”

Mark points into his mouth.  “I lost a toof!”

Me:  “What happened?”  It’s a little early for him to be losing teeth in the usual way.

Mark:  “I hit my head on the TV cabinet.  I climbed up on the toilet and looked in the mirror.  My toof’s gone.”

Me:  “Does it hurt?”

Mark:  “No.  Can I go back to playing the Wii?”

This isn’t the first time this has happened, if you recall (“Dealing with Injury”).  Still.

I used to wonder about those Viking tough-guys, who sit down and stitch themselves up after a battle.  Where did they come from?  How do they get that way?

Apparently, they’re born that way.  So look out, Chuck Norris.  Your days are numbered.

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