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End of School Poem

Sumer is icumen in

Llude scream “Aaii!”

Goeth time and bloweth mind

The kids are home from school.

Scream “Aaii!”


One chaseth cat,

Cat scratcheth, child wailest,

Mama holds her head.

“Aaii, aaii!”  Well she misseth school.

Riddles in the Dawn

For surrealism, Salvador Dali has NOTHING on elementary school kids trying to tell one another jokes.

The Neighbor Girl walked to school with us yesterday.  Mark, Kate, and NG decided to amuse themselves by telling jokes.

NG:  “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Kate (disgusted):  “To get to the other side.  Everybody knows that.”

NG:  “Not everybody.”

Kate:  “Mark, why did the chicken cross the road?”

Mark:  “To get to the other side.”

Kate:  “SEE?”

Two blocks into our walk, they ran out of real jokes and began making them up.

NG:  “How did the tree get home?”

Kate:  “I don’t know.”

NG:  “The tree hitched a ride on a bee.”

Kate:  “That makes no sense.  How could a tree ride a bee?”

Mark:  “How could a tree even move?”

I’m saying nothing because by now my brain has shorted out, trying to make sense out of their not-quite-there jokes.  Ow!  Fizzle.  Pop!

Mark’s Hollywood Future

I suspect Mark has a budding career waiting for him in Hollywood…

Mark:  “Wouldn’t Monster Rangers be a cool show?”

Me:  “What?”

Mark:  “You know, like Power Rangers, but the heroes have the power of monsters.”

Me:  “NBC is desperate enough…”

Really, it’s a not a bad concept. He’d already pitched a show concept a few months ago, the one about the Army helicopter pilot whose dog rides in the helo with him, wearing his own helmet.  I am not going to think too hard about the fact that my kindergartener a) pulls fascinating concepts out of the air with ease and b) pitches them a whole lot better than I pitch book concepts.

Mark:  “If there’s a show, there will need to be books.”

Yup.  You heard right.  The six year old has crossover marketing down cold.  AND he’d throwing me a bone.  There’ll need to be books, Mom.  You can write them. You know, for my hit show.

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