Mark Meets an Australian

Apparently Mark’s life experience has not yet included People with Accents.  Until today.

So we’re at their new summer camp, getting them signed in.  As soon as the young man at the check-in table opens his mouth, it was clear he wasn’t from these parts.

Young Australian:  “What’s your last name?”

Mark:  “Butler.”

YA:  “Bootler.”  Scans the list.

Mark:  “BUTler.  Mark Butler.”

YA:  “Ah, here you are, Mark Butler.”  Gestures to a nearby helper.  “This is Matt.  He’ll show you where to put your stoof.”

Mark (utterly perplexed):  “Stoof?” He watches Kate and Sam follow Matt and stow their backpacks, and the bulb comes on.  “Stuff!” Turns to follow.  Turns back.  “I like how you say ‘stuff.'”


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