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Does This Make Me Theodoric of York?

Yet another instance suggesting that in a previous life, Mark swilled mead by the fire while stitching himself up after battles…

Yesterday morning he announces his tooth is loose.  And it is.  Quite loose.

“Ow,” he says.

“Wiggle it,” I say.

By the evening, he’s stomping around in frustration.  “It won’t come out.  Why won’t it come out?”

Me (in jest):  “I could pull it out for you.”

Mark:  “Okay.”

Usually–by which I mean ‘always’–when you offer this service, the sensible child turns you down.

Me (quite stunned):  “Are you sure?”

Mark:  “Come ON.”

I get a paper towel and a good grip on the tooth, and give it a little twist-pull.  It comes loose.  Mark doesn’t make a peep.

Me:  “Here it is.”

Mark:  “Cool!  Is my tooth-hole bleeding?”

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