Mark Learns about Litmus Paper

So on the second day home from school thanks to Sandy, I figured it was about time for them to do SOMETHING other than play the Wii.  So I got out the Magic School Bus Chemistry Set.

We were up to experiment #18.  Testing things with litmus paper.  You mix up baking soda and water, test it, then test whatever in the household strikes your fancy.

We test lemon juice.  Ketchup.  Soda pop. Milk.

Mark (sighing):  “I wish someone was bleeding.  Then we could test the BLOOD.”

Me:  “We are NOT damaging someone just to get you some blood.”  (thinking, trying to come up with bodily substances he could test without injury.  “Spit.  You could test your spit.”

Mark:  “Awesome!”  (proceeds to begin hacking into a bowl).

“Or,” I hear myself say, “you could test your pee.”

Mark’s eyes are half-dollar huge.  This is, clearly, THE BEST IDEA EVER.

“Okay,” I say.  “Let me get a disposable cup.”  When I turn back, he’s (ahem) ready.  Elastic-waist pants = not always such a good idea.  I lunge and get the cup in place in the nick of time.  The supply vastly outstrips the demand.

That poor litmus paper.

“I pee acid,” he concludes, deeply impressed.


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  1. Posted by Christine Pavlik Buffington on November 2, 2012 at 7:54 am

    love it!


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