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Born Showman

So I look around at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet…no Mark.  Uh-oh.  Immediately go looking…

I find him in the side room, chatting up the cowboy who’s about to go on stage and impress the boys with roping tricks.  Mark is shaking the cowboy’s hand when I finally track him down.

We take our seats.  The cowboy comes on.  A few minutes into his routine…

Cowboy:  “Where’s that little redheaded boy?  Mark?  Come on out, here!”

Mark goes up, participates in a trick or two, then somehow talks the cowboy into a) lassoing him as he tries to ‘run away’ and b) letting him (Mark) try out a rope trick.

When he’s finally sent back to his seat, he stops halfway back and returns to the stage.  He’d forgotten to take a bow.

Mark and Kate Debate Narrative Convention

So Mark and Kate were playing with the knights in the living room…

Kate (moving her knight off the side):  “Excuse me just a minute.”  *Psssst*

Mark (scandalized):  “What did you just do?  DID YOUR KNIGHT JUST PEE??”

Kate:  “They have to pee.  And eat.  It’s part of life.”

Mark:  “It does NOT have to be part of the story.  The story is about our knights battling an evil wizard.”

Kate:  “They still have to pee.  And eat.  And drink.”

Mark:  “NOT IN A STORY.”


Mark:  “Okay, they can eat.  BUT NO PEEING.”

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