My (Future?) Irish Castle

Mark:  “When I am grown-up and a millionaire, what would you like me to buy you, Mom?”

Me:  “I don’t know.  I always thought Anne McCaffrey’s author’s bio sounded pretty awesome.  “Anne McCaffery lives and works in a renovated castle in Ireland.'”

Mark:  “So you want a castle in Ireland?”

Me:  “Sounds good.  So you’ll buy me one when you’re grown up and rich?”

Mark waves a dismissive hand.  “Of course not.  I’m going to get rich from my TIME MACHINE.  I’ll just go BACK IN TIME, build you a CASTLE, and then it’ll BE HERE now.”

On a related note, his homework this week…

The book he’d chosen to read was The Magic Schoolbus in the Time of the Dinosaurs.  The question he chose to answer was “Is this realistic fiction?”

His paragraph began:  “No.  Kids can’t go back in time to visit the dinosaurs.  Until I grow up and invent a time machine…”


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