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Mis-hearings in the Back Seat

Me:  “Get in the silver car.  We’re going to take Grandpa’s.”

Mark:  “What kind of car is this?”

Me:  “A Ford Taurus.”

Mark (incredulous):  “A Ford Tortoise?  Why would anyone name a car after a turtle?”  (thinking it over).  “I may call my time machine The Tortoise. Like in the show.”

Me (laughing so hard it’s a wonder we’re still on the road), thinking, of course, about Dr. Who – Discworld crossovers.

Mark:  “WHAT?”

Mark Puts the Smack-down on Paul

So we’re enroute to grandma’s house for Christmas…

Mark and Kate are watching Sky High on the portable DVD player.

Mark:  “How old is this movie? It must be old.”

Sam:  “2004?”

Kate:  “I think 1995.”

Mark:  “It can’t be THAT old.  It’s not in black and white.”

Paul (born 1996):  “Not cool, Mark.  NOT cool.”

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