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Urban Child Meets Rural Upbringing

Kate:  “There were five deer in own backyard.”

Me:  “And apparently they like daylilies.  They’re chomped down to the roots.”

Kate:  “They must taste good.”

Me:  “I expect they taste good.”

Kate (horrified):  “Do you mean…the deer?”

Me:  “Yup.”

Kate (even more horrified):  “You’ve eaten deer???”

Me:  “Yup.  My dad made deer and pork sausage one year.  It was excellent.”

Kate:  “That’s disgusting.”

I have bad news for this kid.  She obviously doesn’t remember it, but she’s eaten deer too…

Misfired Sisterly Insult

Kate:  “Your brain is the size of a cantaloupe.”

Mark thinks it over.  “Thank you.”

Kate (incredulous):  “What?”

Mark:  “A cantaloupe is pretty big.”

Kate:  “I meant a LITTLE cantaloupe.”

Mark Reviews ‘Once on this Island’

Watching the male lead, Daniel, marry another girl after the female lead has saved his life because she loves him…

Mark (fists clenched):  “Daniel is a dirty double-crosser.”

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