The Power of MOM

So we’re at Godspell Friday night.  Now, Godspell has some medievally moments of direct address and audience interaction.  Also the songs are pretty catchy and repeat themselves, so Mark was singing along regularly.  It’s karmic justice that I have a kid who does not believe in the fourth wall, given my research obsession with direct address.

All was well, more or less, during the first half.  The singing could be kept under control, and he agreed to dance in the aisle right by our seat.

Second act…not so much.  Because we get to the crucifixion.

Mark:  “[to me] What are they doing?  [to the actors] WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  [to me] HE’S DYING.  DO SOMETHING!”

Not sure what he thought I could possibly do but I’m choosing to be flattered that he thought I could do so.


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  1. […] at Olney Theatre Center on Friday.  Given our other experiences with Mark and theater (Godspell  and A Christmas Carol, for instance), I figured I’d better give him a plot summary […]


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