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Preschool Mutant Ninja Mark

Mark is  now a turtle.  At least in part.  That’s what his dad told him so he would cooperate with getting the cast on his arm.

As these things go, the trip to the ER was smooth until that point.  Mark was willing to tolerate the nurse and doctor touching his arm.  He explained what had happened with increasing relish each time he had to repeat it, finally developing a set piece.

Mark:  “Let me tell you the whole news.  I was on the blue ladder.  The second step.  And Kate was on the green thing–”

Kate (interrupting with pertinent clarification):  “It wasn’t my fault.”

Mark (waving his good hand to shush her):  “And her BUMPED INTO ME.”  (notes her scowl and bunching fists) “NOT on purpose.”  (she calms minutely) “And I fell off the ladder.”

Kate:  “And his arm hurt.  A lot.”

Mark:  “Yeah.  A LOT.”

But not so much that he didn’t enjoy visiting the Machine with Superpowers, i.e., the X-Ray machine.  “Like Superman!” he said with awe, not quite believing it until the technician showed him the picture.

X-ray Technician:  “See, Mark, here are the bones in your arm.”

Mark:  “Oooooo!”  A pause.  A glance down at his body.  “Can you show me the rest of them?”

X-ray Technician:  “I can only show you the ones that are hurt.”

Except , of course, when the doctor came back and ordered films of his other arm, to ascertain what it was supposed to look like…and Mark got to visit Super Machine again.

They determined that his forearm wasn’t broken, but badly bent.  Little kids’ bones are like green wood, they told me; it bends rather than breaks.  But it still needed to be immobilized.  They straightened his arm back out and put a splint on it.

Which was when the ER trip became, in Mark’s esteem, NOT FUN ANYMORE.  He clawed frantically at the splint while we tried with little success to stop him.

ER Doc:  “Um…if it turns out that he’s not able to keep the splint on, go to Children’s ER.  They’ll put a regular cast on it.”

Translation:  “You’ll be going to Children’s within the hour.”

Sure enough, Mark had the splint off before we got home.  We headed to Children’s Hospital.  Mark, however, was leery of anything touching his arm called a ‘bandage,’ ‘splint’, or ‘cast.’  He’d heard those words in the last place and it HURT.  Hence the ‘turtle shell’ he acquired.  He’ll be part turtle, mutant blue turtle, for 3-5 weeks.

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