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Last year, I accidentally bought 80 pounds of apples during the end-of-season ‘yard sale’ of our CSA.  [just in case you are, like I was, unsure what a ‘bushel’ versus a ‘peck’  means, here it is:  a peck is roughly 5-6 lbs, a bushel, 20.]

Hence the inadvertent 80 lbs of apples last fall.  I put them in the coldest closet in the house and made apple cake, apple pie, and applesauce until almost Christmas.

Apparently some members of our household thought that worked out pretty well, because there were broad hints — and when those didn’t work, outright suggestions — made last week to the effect of, wasn’t it about time to buy this year’s cartload of apples?

Allrighty.  But I got smarter and only bought about 40 pounds.  Which should yield PLENTY of apple pie, thank you.

The absolutely best part of this year’s apple haul is that one of the breeds is Northern Spy.  How cool is that?

The Braeburns are fabulous, with their slightly exotic name.  The Jonathans are especially huge this year, and hence, Sam’s favorite.  The Jonagolds have a tinge of mutant appeal going on, some sort of mix of Golden Delicious and Jonathan.  The Honeycrisps have been playing hard to get, always sold out at the regular Farmers’ Market before I get there, so I was glad to get them through the CSA yard sale.

But I’m going to eat lunch soon, and I know very well I’ll be reaching for the 007 apple.  It’s crisp, tart, and it makes me feel suave.

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