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Mark Ruins Another Classmate

So I drop Mark off at the kindergarten door and turn to leave.

There’s another kindergarten parent on the sidewalk in front of me, actually a couple, young, holding hands, clearly having dropped off a beloved only child.  How cute.  They’re both here.  It’s not even the first day of school.  We’re well into the schoolyear.  What good, involved, caring parents.  Unlike me, who’s just glad to have High Octane Boy be someone else’s problem for six hours a day.

Good Daddy (to Good Mommy):  “Do you know what Ben 10 is?  Junior was asking me…I don’t know.”

Good Mommy (shrugging):  “Never heard of it.”


Breakfast Serenade

So Mark plopped down and sang this little number to his pop-tart this morning:

I‘m so so sad,

My heart is breaking up to pieces.

Kevin 11 is late

For our playdate

And that’s why I am singing this song

This sad, sad song

And that’s why I’m so blue.

But nothing will stop me from kkiicckkiinngg bbuuttttt!

I have no idea if this was a spontaneous composition or if he’d been working on it for a while.

Trigger Happy Ben 10


A scuffle.  Some shouting.

Kate:  “You killed me!”

Mark:  “I saved the world!”

Kate:  “I was a robot!”

Mark:  “A bad robot!”

Kate:  “A GOOD robot!”

Mark:  “Oh.  Sorry.”

Alien Nation of Affection

So Mark had his Omnitrix on this morning when he walked into the kitchen.

Me:  “May I have a hug?”

Mark:  “Wait!  Which alien would give his mama the best hugs?”

He paces.  “Think, think, think!”

This is worth it just to see him do the thinking gesture, which involves stroking his non-existent beard.  Thanks, Daddy!

Mark:  “Heat-blast?”

Me:  “That’d be too hot, wouldn’t it?”

Mark:  “You’re right!”

More pacing.

Mark:  “Not Gray-matter.  Not Wild-mutt.  He walks around like this.”  He drops to all fours.  “He can’t hug.”  Significant glances at his hands on the ground, where they have to be for Wild-mutt appropriate posture.

More pacing.

“I got it!!”  Fierce forehead slap, twinged with disgust, like the answer should have been obvious all along.  “Four-Arms!”

The transition-to-Four-Arms gestures were pretty entertaining too.  Hey, it’s tough to mimic two extra arms sprouting from your torso.

But he was right.  Four-Arms gave GREAT hugs.

Alien Invasion

So I’m just sitting down this morning with a cup of tea and the newspaper, after having finally gotten the post-pancake kitchen chaos cleared away, when Mark comes running in, arms flailing.

“Run for your life!”

Me:  “What?”

Mark:  “They’re coming!!”

I ascertain that he’s in his alternative persona of Ben 10, who battles aliens bent upon invading Earth, enslaving and/or eliminating the natives (i.e, us), and turning the planet into their new home/vacation spa/energy source/space prison, etc.

Mark:  “I’m Heatblast!  We haf to fight dem!”

*beep* *beep* *boooooo*

That’d be the sounds of Ben’s Omnitrix timing out, the device he uses to enhance himself and fight the aliens.  (By turning into one of 10 aliens.  Hence Ben 10.)

Mark:  “OH NO!!!”

Me:  “Could we perhaps vacuum up these aliens?  I need to hit the living room anyway.”

Mark:  “Great idea!”  He runs to the closet for his own vacuum.  We fend off the alien menace with our fierce hoovering, Mark periodically pointing out a new onslaught (“We’ve got company!”)

Until the Omnitrix charges back up, and Graymatter can handle it on his own.

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