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Superhero Island

Mark almost never shuts up.  I don’t know how they handle this at school, but at home, after a while we have to ask him to leave the room in the interest of maintaining what little sanity we have left.

That’s okay, he wasn’t talking to us anyway.  Mark spends most of his time in imaginative play–it just has to happen out loud, apparently.

Given what I’m hearing, I’m becoming convinced that he’s a future TV producer.  Remember the game in which the Army pilot rescued people and committed other acts of derring-do, all with his collie in the co-pilot’s seat, with his own special dog-sized helmet?  That would run for 6 seasons on CBS.

His latest offering:  Superhero Island.  In which the Avengers, among others, end up on Survivor.  He has a set of action figures and provides them with conflict and snappy dialogue:

Wonder Woman:  “Wolverine, you didn’t do the dishes.  Again.”

Wolverine:  “Growl.”

Wonder Woman:  “Don’t growl at me.  I’m not doing the dishes just because I’m a girl.”

You KNOW you’d watch this.

College Planning

Kate’s gotten very interested in late in What’s She’s Doing to Be When She Grows Up and How She’s Going to Get There.  There was profound and massive grilling of Mom last week about how one pays for college.

Kate:  “So, college.  How do you pay for it?”

Me:  “Well, there’s scholarships.  There’s ROTC.  Also, one of the benefits of Dad’s job is tuition remission.  That means you can go to college for free where he works.  If you can get in.”

Sam (worried):  “Wait.  I got a B in one class last quarter.  Will I still be able to get in?”

Kate:  “I want to be an astronaut.  How do I get to be an astronaut?”

Me:  “One B will be okay.  And I’m pretty sure you become an astronaut by going into the Air Force or the Navy as a pilot.”  I’m trying not to think too hard about the fact that the second grader and the sixth grader have better developed, more realistic career plans than the high school sophomore.

Paul:  “I’m not going to college.  I’m going to start a company right out of high school and get rich.”

Sam:  “I’m going to college.  Where Dad teaches.  For free.  If I can get in.  I’m still concerned about that B.”

Kate:  “I’m going into the Air Force or the Navy.  I’m going to be an astronaut or a fighter pilot.”

Kate’s interest in flying things is new but pursued with the intensity she brings to everything.  The day after the College Grilling, the newspaper had a special section about the Navy’s new generation of planes.  She spent an hour pouring over it at breakfast.  Plus more grilling of Mom.  There are just some things a PhD in Literature doesn’t prepare you for.  Explaining the Navy’s cutting edge flight technology, and how one qualifies to fly them, are among those things.”

Me:  “Um.  Math.  You need to know math.    Lots of math.  And science.”

Kate (almost pityingly):  “I need Dad to take me to the Air and Space Museum.”


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