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A Triad of Sunday Silliness: Two

All the little dragons around here are entrepreneurial.  Case in point:  Yesterday’s neighborhood festival.

Paul spent a month planning his science-based magic show, at which he sold ‘magic potion’–High-C bubbling with the aid of dry ice–and a book of magic tricks you can do with household items (like vinegar and baking soda).

Sam decided to sell snow cones and set up a table in front of the house.

Kate chose lemonade.

Both big boys are still smarting this morning that the little girl made more money than either of them.  Shoot–more than both of them put together.

She earned it.

She whooped both of them in persistence (she sat outside, including during two rainstorms, from 9 AM to 2 PM; Sam was ready to give up with the first drops at 10 AM, and Paul lasted only two hours at the fair), publicity (she charmed/coerced EVERYONE who dared walk down the street.  Once she went to a busier street and literally dragged people back here by the hand.  We had a little talk about that.), and presentation (she put on a pretty dress and had a tablecloth on her lemonade stand; Paul had handwritten–and hence barely legible–signs).

Will this one get even through elementary school before she has to be homeschooled?  Will I get her to adulthood without losing my mind?  Stay tuned!

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