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Repentance FAIL

There’s been a ban on TV in the house this week, after I noticed that when I came down to breakfast…PBS was on.  And when they got home from school, they went straight to the TV.

Time for an intervention, I decide.

But withdrawal can be a real pain.  Mark and Sam succumb to their addiction while I’m driving Kate to karate, and turn on PBS even though they know they’re not supposed to.  They’re very jumpy when I got home, and soon the jig is up–I’ve figured out what happened.  Friday’s movie night is henceforth canceled.

I think Sam learned his lesson.  Mark?  Not a bit.

At preschool this morning:

Mark:  “I am buying lunch today.”

Teacher:  “What would you like?  Pizza or hotdog?”

Mark:  “Hotdog.  We have pizza on movie night.”  Sidelong glance at me.  “But not tonight.  No movie night tonight.  Cause I turned on PBS.  I watched The Electric Company.  It was a new season!  It was awesome!”

Not really the response I was going for…



Trigger Happy Ben 10


A scuffle.  Some shouting.

Kate:  “You killed me!”

Mark:  “I saved the world!”

Kate:  “I was a robot!”

Mark:  “A bad robot!”

Kate:  “A GOOD robot!”

Mark:  “Oh.  Sorry.”

Hitting the ‘Paws’ Button

Betsy has learned to turn on the radio.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m impressed or terrified.

This would be a noteworthy, although potentially annoying, accomplishment for a toddler.  But Betsy is a cat,  Head Overlord of our three Feline Overlords.  So there’s fear mingled with my admiration.  Is she increasing her skill set in preparation for tightening her grip over us?

Or does she just like jazz?

It IS a feat.  Literally.  She does it by stepping on the button.  Then she lays down beside it and listens.

Not only do I now have a vague worry that the cat as well as the children is smarter than I am and developing a plan, I have to wonder whether, with this new WDUQ fan in the house, am I obliged to up my membership pledge?

Philosophy with Mark

Mark comes out with the globe last night, sets it on the table, and gives it a spin.

“So,” he says, letting a finger drag thoughtfully on the surface as it turns, “where do the bad people live?”

Brian:  “There are bad people everywhere.  And good people.”

This does not satisfy.  One should, in Mark’s world, be able to point out–and presumably avoid–the homeland of the evil.  “Where,” he asks again, because we are clearly slow and stupid, “do…the…bad…people…live?”


So we’re watching NCIS this evening, and a teaser for the eleven o’ clock news comes on:  “More tonight about the first death from Swine Flu in our area!”

Paul:  “Oh, that’s bad.”

Sam:  “Why?”

Paul:  “Someone DIED.”

Sam:  “Just ONE person.”

Paul:  “But what if that one person was MOM?  Just because you didn’t know him doesn’t make him not important.  How do you think his family is feeling?”

Sam:  “Maybe he was an orphan.”

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