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Pep Talk

So we’re at the Carnegie Science Center, at Sportsworks, where they have a rock climbing wall that Mark’s never managed to master.

Until now.

He’s half way up when he stalls and glances down.

But before I can say anything encouraging, I hear him chanting under his breath:  “I’m a five-year-old.  I can DO this.”

I pick up the cue.  “Go, Mark!  You’re a five-year-old!  You CAN do this!”

But I’m not sure he either hears or needs it.  Muttering his own personal St Crispin’s Day speech, he skitters like a spider up the rest of the wall.  The last bit requires a BIG stretch, but he makes it and slaps the button to ring the bell, announcing  his success.

He lets the rope lower him to the ground.  Then, starting his affirmation mantra again, he goes up once more.

Then it’s off to the trampoline, where he flirts with high school girls while he’s waiting in line and then shows off for them when it’s his turn, doing backflips from a standstill on the guy ropes, counting as he goes.  When he gets to eight, the girls pick it up and count with him.  By the time he’s at thirteen, they’re pressing their stomachs in sympathetic pain and complimenting his abs.

What did I expect?  He’s a five-year-old now.


Personal Trainer

Apparently, the Amazing Mark has discerned that Wondermom is not, ahem, really in proper villain-fighting form.

At least I think that’s why he asked to go on a walk around the neighborhood, him on his bike, me trotting alongside, then pedaled as fast as he could, hollering “RUN!!” whenever I dropped below a jog.

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