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Mark:  “I can do a Harry Potter English accent.”

Me:  “Oh?  How’s that?”

Mark:  “I was born in Pittsburgh, right?”

Me:  “I’m with you so far.”

Mark:  “And Pittsburgh was settled by the English, right?”

Me:  “That’s true–”

Mark:  “That means I’m English.  So I can easily SOUND English.  It’s IN MY BLOOD.”

Trick-or-Treating with Ron Weasley

At the first house:

Unsuspecting Homeowner:  “And who are you?  Harry Potter?”

Mark:  “RON WEASLEY.  See the HAIR?”


Another homeowner had serious Halloween decorations.  Creepy dementor-like ghost in the tree, electric bat that flapped its weeds, a mat that shrieked when you stepped on it.

Mark (whipping out his wand when he saw the tree):  “EXPECTO PATRONUM!  EXPECTO PATRONUM!”


The next homeowner also had some cool decorations.  Including a giant inflatable spider.

Mark:  “ARAGOG!”

Homeowner:  “Cool, huh?”

Mark:  “Not really. Some of us have ARACHNOPHOBIA.”

Harry Potter Meets Dinos

Mark listens to Harry Potter audiobooks every night while he’s going to sleep.  He also has a set of plastic dinosaurs that converse as they fight.  Which is how this came about:

Plastic Maiasaur:  “My father was a plant-eater, like me.”

Plastic Brachiosaur:  “It turns out my father was a carnivore.  Bit of a nasty shock when I found out.”


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