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Word Problems

So Mark’s homework last night was a set of three word problems with instructions for the parent to make up a few more for practice.

All right, I think.  I can do this.  AND make it relevant to Mark’s interests.  So…

Me:  “Okay, Mark.  Say the Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man are each fighting three bad guys.  How much bad guys are they fighting all together?”

Mark:  “I will need to draw a picture.  That’s one of our strategies for solving word problems.”

Me:  “Okay.”

Fifteen minutes later he’s got an elaborate picture with the Hulk fighting Juggernaut, an evil robot, and Magneto; Captain America’s taking on Venom, Sandman, and another evil robot; and Iron Man’s got some big muscled guy with two guns, Doc Ock, and the Joker.

Mark:  “Ka-pow!  Boom!”

Me:  “How many bad guys all together?”

Mark:  “Nine.  And they’re GOING DOWN.”

Way, way too relevant to his interests…

Strategies for Homework

So Kate’s working on her math homework.

The problem’s is 57 – 23.  There’s a big blank space beside it for notes.  The instructions say ‘Show your work.’

We look over Kate’s shoulder when she says she’s finished.  The answer’s there (34), but she must have done the work in her head because in the scratch-page section she’s written:  ‘Used my bakgrond nolej.’

That’s ‘used my background knowledge’ in regular English and apparently it means, “I got this.  Why should I draw you a picture?”

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