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Sid the Science Kid Objects

So it was spring break last week…

I cruelly made each child read and do a couple chores every day before they could play the computer.  I know.  I’m a tyrant.

Then Thursday night I made fish for dinner.  Kate takes some of the skin upstairs to check it out under her microscope.  Which is where I overhear this sequence:

“Not a few big scales…a bunch of little scales…in different colors, so the fish blends in with the shadows in the water…” She gives a disgusted snort.  “I’ve learned more from this fish skin in FIVE MINUTES than I did that stupid history book ALL WEEK.”



Vulture or Long-range Planner?

So Brian’s heading out to clean the pool…

Mark:  “Wait!  I want to come with you.”

Brian:  “Why?  I’m just going to clean the pool.  It’s not time to swim.”

Mark:  “I know.  I need to know how to clean it.”

Brian:  “Why?”

Mark:  “So I can take care of the house when you are dead.”

Home Improvement Concerns over Breakfast

Mark (swiping his waffle through his syrup):  “I’m the Big Bad Wolf!  I’m gonna huff!  And puff!  And blow your house down!”

Kate:  “That won’t help us sell the house.”

Kate’s Stunning Invention

So we’re in the car heading for church and talking about our possible upcoming move…

Me:  “Maybe we’ll only be able to afford a house with 3 bedrooms.  You’ll have to share.”

Kate:  “I pick Sam!  Paul can have Mark.”

Me:  “Mark can’t share with Paul.  We’ll never see him again in all the junk.”

Kate:  “We can get him junk shoes.”  She pauses to let the brilliance sink in.  “You know, like snow shoes.”

There’s a market here…households afflicted with teenagers…I can see the infomercial now.

That'd be…Irony

We’ve been harassing the boys about the fact that it’s gotten chilly here in Pittsburgh, and despite regularly getting down in the 30s and 40s at night, I found two windows open in Sam’s room and, a week later, one STILL open in Paul’s.

So it was mightily embarrassing to step out in the stairwell to holler at Sam yesterday morning, glance up–and realize that the window in the stairwell was open.  Three days after we’d turned on the heat.

It’s warmer in here now…

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