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Riddles and the Dork

Mark and Kate are hanging out in the kitchen while I make dinner.  Because, you know, I cook FASTER under surveillance.

Mark:  “Knock, knock.”

Kate:  “Who’s there?”

Mark:  “Little old lady.”

Kate:  “Little old lady who?”

Mark:  “I didn’t know you could yodel!”

(hilarity ensues)

Mark (to me):  “Knock, knock.”

Me:  “I just heard the joke.”

Mark:  “Rats.”  Pause.  “I wish Dad were here.”  A longer pause.  “In ANOTHER ROOM.”

Riddles in the Dawn

For surrealism, Salvador Dali has NOTHING on elementary school kids trying to tell one another jokes.

The Neighbor Girl walked to school with us yesterday.  Mark, Kate, and NG decided to amuse themselves by telling jokes.

NG:  “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Kate (disgusted):  “To get to the other side.  Everybody knows that.”

NG:  “Not everybody.”

Kate:  “Mark, why did the chicken cross the road?”

Mark:  “To get to the other side.”

Kate:  “SEE?”

Two blocks into our walk, they ran out of real jokes and began making them up.

NG:  “How did the tree get home?”

Kate:  “I don’t know.”

NG:  “The tree hitched a ride on a bee.”

Kate:  “That makes no sense.  How could a tree ride a bee?”

Mark:  “How could a tree even move?”

I’m saying nothing because by now my brain has shorted out, trying to make sense out of their not-quite-there jokes.  Ow!  Fizzle.  Pop!

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