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Srsly, the 13th c hd ths figrd out a lng tm ago

So if I were still toodling around in the land of academia, I’d have to strongly consider doing a research project on the ways in which 21st c texting is reinventing/rediscovering the use of abbreviations, for many of the same reasons that medieval scribes used them.

As a bonus, I’d be thinking about how LOL speak is gradually moving us back to medieval spelling…

The Perils of Being Raised by the Chronologically Displaced

So it turns out that the attack upon Paul was not strictly random.

He called the other kid an ‘ass.’

Only there was a certain amount of culture disjunction.  Paul, after two years of medieval and Renaissance literary study, thought he was lobbing a low-level yet meaningful insult.  Think Conrad finally losing it in _Much Ado About Nothing_ and hollering at Dogberry, “You are an ass!”  The other child, presumably not so steeped in entry-grade Shakespearean-speak, took profound offense and plotted revenge.

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