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Mark Puts the Smack-down on Paul

So we’re enroute to grandma’s house for Christmas…

Mark and Kate are watching Sky High on the portable DVD player.

Mark:  “How old is this movie? It must be old.”

Sam:  “2004?”

Kate:  “I think 1995.”

Mark:  “It can’t be THAT old.  It’s not in black and white.”

Paul (born 1996):  “Not cool, Mark.  NOT cool.”

Universal Studios Makes Mark’s Day

So we visited Universal Studios.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was pretty awesome.  Much geeking out all around (“Look!  There’s Honeydukes!  Look!  The Hogwarts Express!”

Then we got to the Marvel Studios area, and Mark’s life reached an height of bliss he may never experience again.

There were costumed superheroes out and about, and people were waiting in line to have their pictures taken with them.  The line to see Wolverine was too long, but Mark, not being a superhero sexist like apparently the REST of the crowd, headed over to Rogue and Storm, who were more or less fan-deprived.

They struck a pose, ready for a picture, but that’s not what Mark wanted.  He wanted to talk to them.  He had an urgent message.  He needed to MAKE CONTACT WITH HIS PEOPLE.

Mark:  “I also have mutant powers.”

Rogue:  “Oh?”

Mark:  “Yes.  I used some of the X-men’s DNA and injected myself in my SECRET LAB and gave myself MUTANT POWERS.”

Storm:  “What can you do?”

Mark:  “I am half made of METAL and I am invincible.”

Rogue:  “Who is your favorite X-man?”

Mark (ever the diplomat):  “You.”

Rogue:  “Aaaah!  You’re so sweet.  Why don’t you come meet the rest of the group?”

Which is how Mark got to go backstage and meet ALL the costumed superheroes.

Lord love these people.  They let him talk and talk, and never broke character.Image

Cylops:  “Who do you fight?”

Mark:  “A supervillain named TechnoEvil”

Cyclops:  “TechnoEvil?  He must be new.  I’ve never heard of him.  Storm, are you taking notes, so we can put this into the computer when we get back to HQ?”

Storm:  “On it.”

Spidey:  “What if Rogue touches you?  Will she get your powers?”

Mark:  “No, no, that won’t work.  I have a repeller plate under my SKIN.”

Wolverine:  “We have to recruit this kid.  I don’t want to fight him.”

I’d like to say Mark recognized how awesome these superhero actors were being to him.  But really what was going on is that as far as he was concerned, someone had finally acknowledged WHO HE REALLY IS, and accepted it all as his due.

Feeding Gollum

The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey came out on DVD recently.  Amazon shipped my copy pronto.

Every meal since has included this exchange:

Mark:  “Is it tasty?”

Kate:  “Is it juicy?”

Mark:  “Is is scrumptious?”

Both laugh maniacally.


More Career Planning

On the other hand, Mark’s career planning continues to follow the Hollywood screenplay path.

Mark:  “I am going to be a police man.  Or an Army guy.”  Inspiration strikes.  “I am going to have TWO jobs.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, I will go to my police work.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Army.”

I notice he’s given himself Fridays off.  Nice.

Me:  “Actually, you can do something like that.”  I explain the National Guard.

Mark:  “Hmm.  I think I’ll be an Army guy FIRST.  Then a police officer later.”

Kate:  “I am going to be an astronaut.  Or a fighter pilot.”

Mark:  “Wait, I want to fly things too.  Are there helicopters in the Army?”

Me:  “Uncle Adam flies helicopters in the Army.  You can ask him about it.”

Mark:  “Hmm.”

We walk by the neighbors’ house.  The Irish setter is out in the yard and runs along the fence, desperately wanting to come race Mark.

Mark:  “I am going to have a dog when I grow up.”

Me:  “What are you going to do with the dog while you’re flying helicopters in the Army?”

He’s clearly torn.  He wants both.

Mark:  “I will get the dog a helmet.  And armor.  So he will be safe.  Then he will ride in the helicopter with me, behind the pilot’s seat.”

You KNOW you want to see that movie too.

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