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Bad Parents

We are heading home from bowling.  The light rock radio station is on.  It starts playing an oldies love song.  Which is say, one Brian and I listened to in high school.  He squeezes my hand.

Mark (disgusted):  “You ALWAYS get mushy when a love song comes on.”

Brian:  “Oh?”

Me:  “What’s wrong with that?”

Mark (now spluttering indignantly):  “It’s not NORMAL.  You still like each other.  You are BAD PARENTS.”

Moves Like Grandpa

So I’m in the basement starting a load of laundry.  Sam, Kate, and Mark are playing with Legos and listening to music.  ‘I’ve got the moves like Jagger, I’ve got the moves like Jagger,’ the radio belts out.  Then I think:  Sam is 12.  Kate is 8.  Mark is 6.  Who, exactly, do they think Jagger IS?

Me:  “What do you think this song means?’

Sam:  “Hmmm.  I never really thought about it.  I guess the singer is dancing like…” he pauses, then sheepishly goes on, “I don’t know what a jagger is.”

Me:  “Wait.  You think a jagger is a type of person, not an actual person?”

Kate:  “So what IS a jagger?”

Me:  “Not WHAT.  WHO.  WHO!  Mick Jagger.”

Mark:  “Who’s Mick Jagger?”

Me:  “A rock star.” A horrible realization strikes.  “He’s about the same age as Grandma and Grandpa, actually.”


Three uninterested heads turn away, utterly unconcerned about who–or what–Mick Jagger is.

Rock on!

An unintended consequence of both a teenager and a toddler in the house:

Mark, a drumstick in each hand, sitting at the Guitar Hero World Tour drumset.  He smacks them together.  “One, two, three!”  He starts whacking the drum set.  “Rock on!  Rock on!  Oh, yeah!

Civil (?) Disobedience

Mark now uses the alphabet song as a protest march.  If one of us does something to annoy or frustrate him, he ‘sings’ the alphabet song at the top of his lungs, often walking past your chair.

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