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The Cat in the Hat is a Dead Man

A bloodcurdling scream from the backseat…

Me (twisting to get a view of the injury):  “What?  What’s wrong?”

Mark:  “Nuffing.”

Me:  “What was that about?”

Mark:  “Echolocation.”

Turns out that The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That on PBS discussed echolocation last week…

Repentance FAIL

There’s been a ban on TV in the house this week, after I noticed that when I came down to breakfast…PBS was on.  And when they got home from school, they went straight to the TV.

Time for an intervention, I decide.

But withdrawal can be a real pain.  Mark and Sam succumb to their addiction while I’m driving Kate to karate, and turn on PBS even though they know they’re not supposed to.  They’re very jumpy when I got home, and soon the jig is up–I’ve figured out what happened.  Friday’s movie night is henceforth canceled.

I think Sam learned his lesson.  Mark?  Not a bit.

At preschool this morning:

Mark:  “I am buying lunch today.”

Teacher:  “What would you like?  Pizza or hotdog?”

Mark:  “Hotdog.  We have pizza on movie night.”  Sidelong glance at me.  “But not tonight.  No movie night tonight.  Cause I turned on PBS.  I watched The Electric Company.  It was a new season!  It was awesome!”

Not really the response I was going for…




Oftentimes you can tell when Mark talks that he likes and watches a lot of Super Hero shows.  But every once in a while all those hours of PBS shine through too.

Kate:  “Guess what my job was at school today!”

Mark:  “I have a hypothesis.”

Thanks, Sid the Science Kid!


So Brian took the younger kids around treat-or-treating, while I handed out candy at our house.  He was puzzled as to why Mark was hollering, “Uno, dos,” after leaving each house.

Now, we’re not shocked by the Spanish.  There are several shows on PBS which teach a smattering of Spanish.  But since he didn’t seem to be actually counting anything…well, as they say, the authorities were baffled.

Finally Brian just asked.  “Mark, what do you think ‘Uno, dos’ means?”

Mark (with that searing  scorn that toddlers and teens have perfected):  “Good-bye.  Of course.”

Prozac Parents?

I adore–shoot, with my body I thee worship–most of PBS’ children’s programs.

Relatedly, I despise the new HD converter boxes, which you need if you do not have an HD TV.  Those buggers turn themselves off after 3 hours.  I really, really, don’t need a machine insinuating that I’ve watched enough TV or had PBS on for the kiddos rather too long.  Either volunteer to babysit or mind your own business, Big Brother.

But I digress…

There’s something very odd about Caillou’s parents.

What are they taking?  No one has that much patience naturally.  Plus they don’t seem to actually work more than a few hours a week.

Whatever it is, I want it.

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