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Drumming Man Returns

Drumming Man returned on the way home from school…

Mark (recapping the plot):  “I will fight crime!  I will drum ON THEIR HEADS until they give up!”

Me:  “How will you find them?”

Mark:  “I will sneak up on them like a linda!”

Me:  “Um…what?”

Mark:  “A linda!”  (waves an impatient hand) “You know, the sneaky guys in black.”

The light goes on.  Me:  “A ninja!”

Mark (nodding happily that I’ve made it past my stupidity):  “That’s right!  A linda!”

This may clear up why Linda was always his very favorite preschool teacher.  But I bet she’d be astonished to discover what he thinks she does in her free time.

Oh, well, I didn’t want it anyway

Yesterday Mark successfully a) lopped another year off my rapidly-decreasing lifespan and, not coincidentally, b) discovered a security flaw in one of the best daycares in Pittsburgh.

So what happened was this:

When I came to pick him up, he said he needed to use the potty first and headed to the back of the room where the bathroom is.  Five minutes later, I realized he hadn’t come back.  Nor did I hear anything from the bathroom that sounded like either peeing or hand-washing.  Not that he washes his hands unless you’re standing over him with a bullwhip.

His jacket’s on the floor by the fire-escape door.


The door’s not locked, of course, and it’s not alarmed either (that’s the security flaw he found–and exploited.  Assuming he lives to adulthood, I hope he uses his powers for good).

The teacher’s aid went running out the door.  I doubled back into the classroom to make sure he hadn’t snuck back in.

The teacher’s aid found him in the parking lot, waiting beside our car.  Muttering to himself, most likely, about what was taking me so long.

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