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So Mark’s begun announcing, “I want to have privacy.”

What he REALLY means is:

“I’m about to do something naughty and I do not wish to be seen.  So please go away while I do said naughty thing.  Because I’m working from the assumption that if you don’t see me do whatever naughty thing I have in mind, I have plausible deniability on my side.”

You have to hand it to him, though.  He’s almost literally covered at the moment in the physical consequences of his naughtiness–a badly bruised toenail from knocking something over on himself that he wasn’t supposed to be touching at all, a not-quite-healed friction burn from putting his hand in the treadmill, scratches from petting Betsy too roughly, bruises on his legs from overzealous tampolining, lacerations on his head from some unspecified roughhousing with Sam and Kate–and yet he persists.  And with a new, brilliant plan to avoid such consequences:  privacy.

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