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Punday Morning

On the way to school…

Mark:  “Why are trees called ‘trees’?”

Me (straining to figure out an answer for the five-year-old that does not involve Old English):  “Weeelll, it’s the word we as the speakers of English have mutually agreed upon…”

Mark:  “I know why.”

Kate (bloodhood-keen on the scent of a bluff):  “Why?”

Mark:  “Umm…” (inspiration strikes) “Actually, I don’t know.  I’m stumped.”

He elbows his sister triumphantly.  “Get it?  Trees?  Stumped?”

Kate:  “Pfft.”

But his pun-based distraction ploy worked.  She didn’t ask him again.

Breakfast Food Rimshot

So Brian’s putting Mark to bed last night…

Brian:  “Now you’re all tucked in, so you’ll be warm and toasty.”

Mark:  “Pop!  Crunch, crunch, crunch!”


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