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Hitting the ‘Paws’ Button

Betsy has learned to turn on the radio.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m impressed or terrified.

This would be a noteworthy, although potentially annoying, accomplishment for a toddler.  But Betsy is a cat,  Head Overlord of our three Feline Overlords.  So there’s fear mingled with my admiration.  Is she increasing her skill set in preparation for tightening her grip over us?

Or does she just like jazz?

It IS a feat.  Literally.  She does it by stepping on the button.  Then she lays down beside it and listens.

Not only do I now have a vague worry that the cat as well as the children is smarter than I am and developing a plan, I have to wonder whether, with this new WDUQ fan in the house, am I obliged to up my membership pledge?

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