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Emotional Blackmail

Walking home from school (sans Kate, who has Brownies):

It’s snowing, which is lovely but also chilly.

Me:  “Brr!  I forgot my hat!”

Mark:  “Brr!  I forgot a scarf!  Can I have your scarf?”

Me:  “No.  You have a hood.”

We consider how hard it would have to snow for us to turn into snowmen before reaching home.  “Blizzard,” Mark decides.

Then seemingly out of nowhere…

Mark:  “Do you love me?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Mark:  “If I got hit by a car and DIED, you would be sad?”

Me:  “I would cry buckets of tears, every day for the rest of my  life.”

Mark:  “If you REALLY loved me, you’d give me your scarf.”

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