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A Mark of Sophistication and Ennui

So I was picking Mark up from school yesterday…

Me:  “I talked to your Dad this morning.  He’s in New Zealand.  It was 11 AM Monday–for me–when he called.  But where HE was, it was 5 AM Tuesday.  Isn’t that weird?  Your dad called FROM THE FUTURE.”

Mark:  “Whatev.”

Me:  “Really?  That doesn’t seem at all odd to you?”

Mark (sighing):  “I’ve seen stuff, Mom.  A lot of stuff.  On TV.  Paradoxes.  Paradoxes WITHIN paradoxes.  Calling from the future?”  (Dismissive snort)  “NOT a big deal.”

Still Awaiting My TARDIS

There’s been way too many snow days around here…

Me:  “I can guarantee that time travel isn’t invented in my lifetime.”

Brian:  “How?”

Me:  “We still have four kids.”

Brian (inveterate agitator):  “Maybe it’s invented…by one of them.”

Me:  “Hence a potentially space-time continuum-ripping paradox if I used it?  I’d risk it.”

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