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Punday Morning

On the way to school…

Mark:  “Why are trees called ‘trees’?”

Me (straining to figure out an answer for the five-year-old that does not involve Old English):  “Weeelll, it’s the word we as the speakers of English have mutually agreed upon…”

Mark:  “I know why.”

Kate (bloodhood-keen on the scent of a bluff):  “Why?”

Mark:  “Umm…” (inspiration strikes) “Actually, I don’t know.  I’m stumped.”

He elbows his sister triumphantly.  “Get it?  Trees?  Stumped?”

Kate:  “Pfft.”

But his pun-based distraction ploy worked.  She didn’t ask him again.

But I’m watering it!

All of my boys have gone through a peeing-on-trees obsession, but only Mark has gone public with it.

We visited my parents over Easter break.  They have a farm.  Peeing on trees is an accepted country tradition, one that Mark embraced enthusiastically during our week there.

Which is all well and good until we get home.

The first day back to preschool, I get a call from Mark’s teacher.  Between the giggles, she explains that she had to have a conversation with Mark about NOT peeing on the trees in the daycare’s playground, and would I mind reenforcing that when he got home?

Location, son, location.

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