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The Competition

So Kate and I are walking to the grocery store to pick out a cake mix because she wants to make cupcakes…

Kate:  “I am going to give one to Amanda.  She likes cupcakes.  And she likes me.”

Me:  “I think she likes me, too.  I’m her aunt.  She was the flower girl at my wedding.”

Kate:  “Okay.  She likes me AND you.  But not the boys.”

She’s quiet for a moment.  Then:  “Amanda’s not married.”

I can guess what’s coming.  I can see the gears turning in her head as if her ears were windows.

Kate:  “When Amanda gets married, I can be her flower girl.”

Me:  “But she has other little girl cousins.  Fiona.  Zoe.  She might pick one of them instead.”

A dreadful look crosses her face.  They’re not cousins anymore.  They’re the COMPETITION.

She starts spluttering reasons why she would make a much better flower girl than either of them.  “I’m big.  They’re too little.  None one wants a little bitty flower girl.”  There are not, apparently, words sufficient to express their unsuitability for the post.  She is reduced to vile glances and brusque gestures.

Me (unable to resist):  “Actually, Fiona is the same age Amanda was when she was my flower girl.”

She sniffs disdainfully.

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